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China Scooter Tricycle Motorcycle ATV and Pit bike Description:
Scooter Motorcycle Tricycle are old-line vehicle, Scooter Motorcycle Tricycle are convenient vehicle for people's life, so Scooter Motorcycle Tricycle are popular all over the world yet.
ATV Pit bike are fun vehicle, ATV Pit bike are polular in USA,European,people ride ATV Pit Bike on beach and mountain etc.

Chinese ATV industry growed from 2001,it is same as Chinese mini dirt bike industry, Kid ATV is firstly stages of China ATV industry, because mini ATV part and accessory are not a big amount investment besides ATV battery, ATV engine can use through motorcycle directly,another reason is that market need cheap price ATV,Chinse ATV fit with demand of marketing parts and cameras for security from BBMC .China manufacturer can produce ATV from 50cc to 400cc,4WD ATV(ATV four wheeler driven)can be mass produced now.

China Pit bike industry was growing from 2001.the first Pit bike of china made by FYM, Their USA dealer bring one unit XR50 Pit bike to china when they find Pit bike sport become popular in USA, FYM upgrade some pit bike parts and make pit bike with cheap cost, Guy cooper ride FYM Pit bike win many Pit bike racing match in state, their Pit bike become a flag of Chinese Pit bike industry
The first China motorcycle were occured in Shanghai in 1886,one guy named zhou buyed a unit motorcycle and ride it on the street,of course he get the first motorcycle licence at that time also.he became the first people who own motorcycle in China. Chinese motorcycle industry growed from 1950s',however it developped very slowly until 1980s',from then on chinese motorcycle have a high speed period and China become biggest motorcycle produce country, meanwhile many related motorcyle and parts industried occured,for example,motorcycle helmet,motorycle clothing(motorccle jacket,motorcycl boot,motorcycle glove,motorcycle leather etc),these kind produce chain make whole chinese motorcycle and accessories industry support each other very well.motorcycle is a scene of people's life improvment.

however there are some problems occured on motorcycle,one is motorcycle accident,motorcycle dosen't a safety vehicle,some cities had forbid motorcycle ride on the street except police motorcycle,the another is disorder competetion,in order to catch the sale aim,many motorcycle manufactuer sell motorcycle with cheap price,it souds good for customer,however some of them make the motorcycle quanlity lower,it lead many after service problem,especially on the oversea market,it make chinese motorcycle reputation very lower.all the Chinese motorcycle manufactuer should think it over.

Tricycle Motorcycle ATV Pit Bike Scooter CLASSIFICATION:

Tricycle Motorcycle Pit bike ATV Scooter can be divided into difference type according displacement

Tricycle type:125cc tricycle,150cc tricyle,175cc tricycle,200 tricycle,250cc tricycle

Pit Bike type:50CC Pit Bike,70CC Pit Bike,90CC Pit Bike ,110CC Pit Bike ,125CC Pit Bike ,140cc Pit Bike,150cc Pit Bike,170cc Pit Bike

ATV types :50CC ATV,100CC ATV,110CC ATV ,150CC ATV ,200CC ATV ,250CC ATV ,300CC ATV,400CC ATV

Motorcycle types:50CC Motorcycle,70CC Motorcycle, 100CCMotorcycle, 110CC Motorcycle, 125CC Motorcycle,150CC Motorcycle,250CC Motorcycle

Scooter types:50CC Scooter,100CC Scooter,125CC Scooter,150CC Scooter,250CC Scooter


Tricycle Motorcycle ATV Pit Bike Scooter can be divided into difference type according to brake mode

Tricycle:Drum brake tricycle, disc brake tricycle

Motorcycle: Drum brake Motorcycle ,disc brake Motorcycle

Pit Bike: Drum brake Pit bike ,disc brake Pit bike

ATV: Drum brake ATV ,disc brake ATV

Scooter: Drum brake scooter ,disc brake scooter

Pit bike ATV Motorcycle Scooter can be divided into difference type according the material of frame

Pit Bike can be divided into :Iron Pit Bike ,Chrome moly Pit bike ,Alloy Pit bike

ATV can be divided into :Iron ATV ,Alloy ATV

Motorycle can be divided into :Iron Motorcycle ,Chrome moly Motorcycle ,Alloy Motorcycle

Scooter can be divided into :Iron Scooter, Alloy Scooter

Pit bike ATV Motorcycle Scooter can be divided into difference type according the regulation or law of difference country and region

EEC Pit bike,EPA Pit bike,DOT Pit bike,ADR Pit bike

EEC Motorcycle,EPA Motorcycle,DOT Motorcycle,ADR Motorcycle

EEC Scooter,EPA Scooter,DOT Scooter,ADR Scooter


Pit bike Dirt bike ATV Motorcycle Scooter detailed Description:

Pit bike is one of dirt bike, Pit bike may be small but the fun's massive. Pit bike riding, racing and freestyling is huge in the US at the moment, you only have to pick up a Pit bike magazine and the chances are there will be Pit?bike coverage in it. What was once an underground back yard sport for a few on-to-it cats is now has a big scene to support a dedicated Pit bike industry. There are mini bike only race series attracting fields of over 200 riders in varying classes. Tracks have been designed and built specifically for Pit bikes, in the space of a football pitch you can build an epic Pit bike track. Just imagine hundreds Pit bike racing on it.

So why are all these adults going dirt bike for Pit bikes you ask? Well the Pit bikes have got a lot going for them, Pit bike sport is quiet compared to big off road motorcycle, Pit Racing don't require much room, you can build a track in a little space ,Pit bikes is cheap, you don't have to pedal to make it go, expectations are low and the fun factor is so high it's off the scale. You can fit your Pit bike in the boot instead off needing a van to get it where you ride, the list is endless.

The Pit bike sport in the U.S has been steadily growing for a couple of decades now, originally the factory Pit bikes racers who grew up on these bikes were using them to get around the pit areas at the races, then someone started to tune his Pit bikes up and the rest followed, back yard tracks started popping up at the racers' houses and an underground sport was born. Of course Pit bike became more popular now.
The Pit bike scene in the U.S is big and getting bigger by the week as more and more people discover how much fun in Pit bike sport.

ATV description

ATV is a motorcycle engine driven vehicle,the initial ATV is rear wheel driven ,sportman have difficult in some specal terrain during the ATV riding, they hope manufacturer upgrade ATV parts to have their ATV more maneating,4x4 ATV (ATV4 wheeler) launched under the marktetting in 1985

Pit bike history:

The first Pit bike made in Japan ,the dirt bike manufacturer of there have been making a mini four stroke engine dirt bike with little wheels, many of the dirt bike riders cut their teeth on an old dirt bike , the four stroke engine makes them super reliable and fairly quiet too. The current their XR50 Pit bike is the representative of pit bike products, stylish looking little bike with is looks taken from the latest generation of Japanese bikes.

In 2000 a guy called Craig Mason in California recognised the potential for the Pit bike and started a tuning company called Fast50s that made Pit bikes and Pit bike parts soley for the Pit bike, specialising in the XR50. The original products was be changed many heavy duty mini pit bike parts, and even a mini version of a full size pit bike fork with all the latest hydraulic workings with a disc brake. With all these high performance pit bike parts becoming available and all the top mini pit riders running them it was no surprise that many other companies jumped on the band wagon and started making their own line of Pit bike parts.

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